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Welcome to Betternear. A world where every service is just a click away from you. A website you can trust for your hiring professional services.

We are here to rescue you from hectic tasks like shifting home or preparing for wedding. We can help you with CCTV Camera installation in your home, office or outdoor.

What is so special about Betternear ?

All the vendors listed here are verified by Betternear. We have personally visited all the vendors and listed them with their accurate location and contact details. So you can gain fair amount of trust on the companies listed on Betternear. Moreover Betternear provides vendors accoding to your location. So it is very likely to get you service vendors close to your location. This will thus save you money and provide hassle free and excellent service.

Who can use Betternear?

Betternear is for everybody. Anybody looking for service near them can visit betternear.com for the help

How to use Betternear.com?

  1. Visit Betternear.com
  2. Type in the location and Service your are looking for
  3. Hit the search button
  4. A list of services available in your area will show on the next page. You can select any of them and call them to discuss quotation or charges of the service

How to get business listed on Betternear.com?

It is very easy to get your business listed on betternear.com. However we list registered and authenticate companies and vendors only. So if you think you are one of them then write us at support@betternear.com and one of our agents will soon follow

Is it free to list business on betternear.com?

Yes it is absolutely free to list business on betternear.com. However we run paid campaigns for showing companies on top.


What all services are available on Betternear.com?

Currently 4 services are available on Betternear.com :

How can you save money in hiring professional services?

You can save lots of money by being clever in hiring professional services. Don't know the tricks? Well, don't worry we are here to help you to guide through the process. Here is how you can save money by following these simple steps : 

  1. Compare before booking : You must compare at least 3 to 4 service vendors before booking one. This will give you great idea about price. So now when someone qoutes amount extra you will know. Trust us this might take some of your valuable time but will save your hard earned money. It is very easy to do. Just call multiple vendors, tell them about your work and how you want it to be done and let them tell their price. Note down all these prices on paper and compare them with the services they are providing. Okay but how will you get contact numbers of multiple professional service provideers? We will discuss this in next poing
  2. Finding multiple service providers : You can find multiple service providers easily by doing simple Google search. You will get top results. You can select 5 to 6 vendors and call them from their website. You can also visit business listing websites like ours to get phone numbers at one place. There is one more way but it is very time consuming and slow. You can ask for references from your friends, neighbours, relatives.
  3. Asking for discounts : You must ask for discounts from the service provider. Most of them provide special offers and discounts to clients who visit them online. Rule of thumb is you can get upto 10% discount on price quoted for the first time user.
  4. Research before you call service providers : You must do a slight research so that you have slight idea about pricing and charges of service providers. You can simply go to any search engine and search for your services and find out it's charges. For example if I am interested in Packers Movers service I will go to Google and search for Packers Movers Charges  .
  5. Tell Service providers you know about pricing : Don't tell them that you don't know anything about their services and you don't know pricing structure. That might lead to higher than normal quotes by them. Tell them you know basics and have researched thoroughly and know everything. Tell them you have done market research also and contaccted other service providers also. This will make sure that they provide competitive pricing for you task.
  6. Don't go for all the services they offer you : All the service vendors try to give you extra services which are charged extra for. They all try to sell you services which may not be that necessary. You might wanna say no to them so that you can save unnecessary expenditure on them.

Basic Pricing and charges of services provided on our website :

This is rough estimate only and actual price may vary from vendor to vendor.