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Packers Movers Gurgaon

Home shifting is one of the most tough job we need to do in our life. Shifting house invoves packing all our stuff so well that it doesn't get damage in the way. Next we have to arrange the vehicle for transporting the packed goods. We provide best packers and movers in the industry which will help you to pack and move your home very easily. You just need to call them or chat with us and we will arrange call back from multiple packers and movers. You can discuss about your home, items you need to shift, the vehicle you want, the distance between and get quotes according to them very fast. We assure you will you get the best price and excellent services from the packers and movers. All the packers and movers listed on our website are verified by us.

Packers and Movers in Gurgoan

Packers and movers in Gurgaon are mostly based around Ashok Vihar, Palam Vihar, Sheetla Colony, Dharam Colony. All these packers and movers provides services all over the India. You can get packers and movers in DLF, Sushant Lok, Sector 4, Sector 5, Sector 32, Sector 10, Sector 56, Sector 57, Sector 18, Sector 9. Packers and Movers will help you to shift house from Delhi to Gurgaon. You can hire them to shift house from Gurgaon to Delhi also. They help us to shift house anywhere in Delhi NCR like Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, etc 


Packers Movers Gurgaon charge for shifting to different cities



City Distance 1 BHK House 2 BHK House 3 BHK House 4 Wheeler (Car)  2 Wheeler (Bike) Office
Within Gurgaon packers movers price estimate 5-30KM Rs4500 Rs6500 Rs9300 Rs0 Rs0 Rs13999
Gurgaon to Delhi packers movers price estimate 30-80 km Rs5500 Rs7400 Rs10000 Rs0 Rs0 Rs15999
Gurgaon to Mumbai packers movers price estimate 1400-1500 KM Rs14499 Rs17999 Rs25000 Rs5000 Rs3000 Rs34999
Gurgaon to Banglore packers movers price estimate 2100-2300KM Rs18999 Rs20999 Rs25499 Rs6200 Rs4600 Rs28999
Gurgaon to Kolkata packers movers price estimate 1500KM-1600KM Rs14899 Rs18299 Rs26199 Rs5449 Rs3299 Rs32999
Gurgaon to Chennai packers movers price estimate 2200KM-2300KM Rs19899 Rs22299 Rs27199 Rs6549 Rs5199 Rs30999
Gurgaon to Rewari packers movers price estimate 55KM-65KM Rs6500 Rs7700 Rs10700 Rs0 Rs0 Rs15999
Gurgaon to Rohtak packers movers price estimate 75KM-85KM Rs7300 Rs8500 Rs11600 Rs0 Rs0 Rs16699
Gurgaon to Chandigarh packers movers price estimate 300KM-350KM Rs11300 Rs13500 Rs18600 Rs5000 Rs3000 Rs20699
Gurgaon to Ghaziabad packers movers price estimate 60KM-70KM Rs7600 Rs8800 Rs12600 Rs0 Rs0 Rs14699
Gurgaon to Faridabad packers movers price estimate 40KM-50KM Rs6600 Rs7800 Rs11600 Rs0 Rs0 Rs13699
Gurgaon to Hisar packers movers price estimate 160KM-180KM Rs10600 Rs14800 Rs18600 Rs3000 Rs2000 Rs18699
Gurgaon to Sonipat packers movers price estimate 80KM-90KM Rs7600 Rs10800 Rs12600 Rs0 Rs0 Rs14699
Gurgaon to Jhajjar packers movers price estimate 40KM-50KM Rs5600 Rs7800 Rs9600 Rs0 Rs0 Rs14699
Gurgaon to Ambala packers movers price estimate 250KM-300KM Rs13600 Rs16800 Rs19600 Rs4500 Rs3300 Rs25699
Gurgaon to Bhiwani packers movers price estimate 100KM-150KM Rs11400 Rs14500 Rs17300 Rs4000 Rs3000 Rs23499
Gurgaon to Fatehabad packers movers price estimate 200KM-250KM Rs12650 Rs15400 Rs18850 Rs4600 Rs3350 Rs24359
Gurgaon to Aligarh packers movers price estimate 150KM-200KM Rs12700 Rs14800 Rs17400 Rs4500 Rs3000 Rs23239
Gurgaon to Jhansi packers movers price estimate 400KM-450KM Rs18600 Rs22000 Rs25600 Rs4500 Rs3200 Rs31699


Steps for hiring packers and movers in Gurgaon

  1. Choose packers and movers from the trusted sources only. You can hire packers and movers by direct contact or by reference. This way you can get trusted and reliable packers movers. Another way is to go to trusted websites like and look for the services listed there. Since all the vendors are verified you can trust these people with your goods and services.
  2. We recommend you to call atleast 3 packers and movers to get quotes and price estimate of the service. You must discuss how much is it going to cost including of all charges. Don't forget to mention loading, unloading, packing charges. Make bold and clear statement of services you need and get proper written quotation from the packers and movers. We would like to remind you that home shifting services may include various taxes like GST, State Octroi, etc.
  3. After getting multiple quotes, you need to decide which packer and movers suits you the best. Pricing is one of the best way to decide but also consider the type of packing they are going to provide, number of days involved in packing and shifting, Vehicles they are going to use, How professional they are in handling goods, loading and unloading things. Choosing the right packer and mover will make your house shifting experience hassle free and easy
  4. Now after you have selected your packer and mover, discuss everything with them again. Discuss the transportation pricing, packing material ther are going to use, Number of days or hours they need to do all the stuff, How many professional man will handle your work. What route they will take for your transportation. Packers and Movers also provide insurance services. We recommend you to go for the insurance services if your goods involve some fragile and precious things. Don't forget to discuss the date of delivery. Fix the penalty for the packers  and movers if they fail to shift till the specified date

Local shifting vs Shifting inter-city

Local shifting is very different from inter cities shifting. Let's dicuss the local shifting first.

Local shifting

Local Shifting involves shifting within the radius of 50KM. It is basically when you shift your house within a city or from one localty to another. Since the shifting is local, it costs less for the transportation. Sometimes smaller vehicles are used more than once as the distance is small and it is convenient for the packers and movers to arrange small vehicles. Loading and unloading charges however are same whether you go for the local shifting or shifting inter cities. Sometimes the professional labour is sent all the way to the different city which may attract additioinal charges. Local shifting could be arranged easily if we do a little planning. We should choose the weekdays for these kind of shiftings as packers and movers are very busy on weekends. You can also choose to hire packers and mover to move only huge items and shift your small items in your personal vehicle like car.

Inter-city Shifting

Inter city shifting involves huge distances. You cannot shift your items on your own. We will recommend you to give full contract with insurance to trusted home relocation services or packers and movers. Inter city shifting will cost you more for the transportation as it involves huge distances. Inter city shifting should be planned at a suitable season of the year. We recommend winters as it is much safer for the electronic devices. One of the major concern about inter city shifting is that drivers need to be very professional. There are incidents where drivers are involved in drunk driving and cause accidents. Hence it is very important to clarify all these things with your packers and movers before finalising. Inter city shifting may also involve shifting your vehicles which is discussed in depth in the next section.

Vehicle shifting

Vehicles could be drived to the destination. You can drive your vehicle for upto 200 KM as it is feasible and cheap to transport vehicle by driving. However if the distance is huge, we will recommend you to hire professional packers and movers to shift your bike, motorcycle or car from one city to another. These professionals are highly trained to do such packing of vehicles and shifting them in their vehicles. This way your can get your bike and even car shifted with a hassle free experience. Before giving your vehicle to the packers and movers make sure there is some fuel left in it. It is convenient for packers and movers to move it in container by driving it. However don't let too much fuel as it could misused. Check and verify with condition of vehicle after delivery. Don't hesitate to mention even small damage. You can claim your insurance or sue packers and movers for such activity.

Do's and Don'ts while packing and moving


  1. Make a list of items you need to shift. Be present while loading the items into vehicle. Put a tick mark against each item on being load and get it verified by packers and movers. Now repeat the same thing while unloading each item. If you find some error you can report it to incharge of your shifting immediately. This will help you to avoid any conflict and process smooth working.
  2. Trust people, but not too much. Always keep your precious jwelry and papers with yourself.
  3. Ask professionals to take extra care of the fragile items. Don't hesitate to mention which of your items needs more care.
  4. Take contact number of the driver also. Always take contact number of the driver driving the vehicle. It will help you to get real information in case of some mishappening
  5. Pack items yourself to save money. However don't risk packing with precious and fragile items. It is better to hire good packing services for these works.
  6. Opt for insurance if the journey is long and the items are precious. It is best to spend some money to eliminate the risk factor of damage


  1. Don't hire packers and movers just because of lower pricing. Do a proper background check of the company. See their modus operandi. Check their website and do full research before giving your precious items in hand of someone stranger.
  2. Don't try to do everything on your own. Specially handling and moving huge items. This could harm your body and may even cause injury. Always rely on professional sevices for such works. Give such works to professional packers and movers.
  3. Don't  forget to read the contract carefully before signing it. You must read the terms and condition. Ask them to clarify anything that you don't understand.
  4. Don't wait for the last day to hire the packer and movers. Do the hiring in advance. You may face problem in hiring packers and movers in the last minute. You may also face higher prices because of your condition
  5. Don't leave your food in the fridge. You must remove all the food else when you will open the fridge in your destination with some disgusting sights. It is best to take out any food inside fridge before packing it.
  6. Don't forget to spray pesticides and insecticides on your packed material. There are pests like rats in the vehicles which may spoil your precious goods. 

Services offered by packers movers in Gurgaon

Details about above service vendors :

Sehdev Packers Movers pvt ltd

Sahdev Packers and Movers are Haryana'a No 1 Packers Movers situated in the city of Gurugram. Best Packers movers in the city. Sahdev Packers Movers are known for their quick response and fast packing and moving services. They own many trucks and vehicles for transportation of large and small goods


Here is Sahdev Packers and Movers Charges. Price may vary from actual pricing slightly

Distance 1 BHK  2 BHK 3 BHK Car Bike 
0-50KM Rs7000 Rs12000 Rs14000 Rs3000 Rs2000
50-100KM Rs10000 Rs14000 Rs16000 Rs5000 Rs3000
100-200KM Rs15000 Rs 17000 Rs19000 Rs7000 Rs5000

Offers from Sahdev Packers and Movers 

Offer Discount Condition
First time user 8% OFF on every service For the first time user only
Diwali Dhamaka Offer 25% OFF on packers moverws Booking service before Diwali


Sahdev packers and movers provide moving facility day and night. They do packing in cartoons and cardboard boxes. Packing is highly efficient and safe.

Sahdev Packers and Movers provide coroporate shifting and transportation, warehousing also.

Transline Packers And Movers

Transline Packers And Movers is one of the most trusted names. If you are looking for packers movers then this name is what you are looking for. Absolutely gorgeous packers movers

Transline Packers And Movers pricing and charges

Shifting within same city may cost you around Rs5400 to Rs7200 for 1 BHK. If you are looking for warehouse then it is going to cost you nearly Rs80 per square yard for simple warehouse

Transline Packers And Movers Services:

  1. Transline Packers And Movers House shifting service : Nice and soothing house shifting experience with this remarkable service
  2. Transline Packers And Movers Packing services : Quality packing with cardboard and tape
  3. Transline Packers And Movers Warehousing : Great warehouses with both air conditions and automation 

DHL Shifting and Moving Co

DHL Packers movers in Sector 17 Sukhrali Sarhol Dhankot 55 56 IffcoChowk Rajivnagar Suratnagar Corporate Office Shifting

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