Criteria to calculate packers movers charges in Gurgaon

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Packers movers Charges in Gurgaon

Shifting in any part of world is indeed and Herculean task and moving to place where one is unfamiliar about the locality and situation of the place adds up more to work and so is finding Packers and Movers with decent rates and with wide range of facility and concrete moving strategies.



Cost calculation Criterias of Packers Movers


Charges Packers & Movers is dependent on multiple parameters: volume of household goods, Quality of Packing Material used, distance & route, shared or exclusive vehicle, vehicle type, etc.

1. The volume of goods: The size of the container and thus the transportation cost is a variable of the volume of goods

2. Quality of Packing Material: The price of the relocation is depended on the type of packaging material and the amount of packaging material used. Established vendors started using re-usable packaging material like foam blankets, Plastic crates for crockery and fragile items, bubble wraps, carton boxes, corrugated sheets, stretch film sheets. Basis the number of layers being used the pricing also changes. Usage of proper & sufficient packing material will ensure safe and damage-free relocation. 

 3. Distance in the route of relocation is a major factor in inter-city movements. The pricing for the same movement from Bangalore to Mumbai is lower than the movement from Bangalore to Vishakapatnam, even though both are around 1000 KMs route. Vendors also take into consideration the frequency of movements in the route, availability of vehicles and probability of getting a return movement, etc.

 For with-in city movements, time to travel the distance is a major parameter than the distance considering the traffic in the city.

4. Exclusive or Shared container: Hiring an exclusive vehicle is 20% - 25% costlier than the same volume of goods sent on a sharing basis. However, the delivery time of the exclusive vehicle is much better than the shared container. The quotation can also vary basis open vehicle or a closed container.

5. Availability of service Lift: If you are residing in a flat/apartment on second floor & above without a service lift to transport your goods, packer and mover will charge more as it would require additional efforts of labour and take more time.

6. Handyman Charges: If the household goods include modular furniture or appliances like AC which requires skilled labour to dismantle and assemble them. Your quotation will be increased accordingly as the Packer n Mover might have to hire a professional for the same.

7. Storage facility: Depending on the number of days and the volume of goods to be stored, the storage charges can go up to INR.1000 per day. Many established vendors give a complimentary storage of up to 7 days in the locations where they have a warehouse.

8. Insurance premium for the valuation of your household goods.

9. Timing of the movement: Few Packers and movers also charge of early morning or late night charges.
10. Other Charges: Few cities/states have labour charges called Mathadi charges, no entry charges, Green tax and GST.


How can you get packers and movers charges in Gurgaon

  1. You can visit packers and movers companies in Gurgaon physically and get quotation in hand. However this process is very slow and time consuming
  2. You can ask for reference and suggestions from people around you.
  3. We recommend searching on Google for packers and movers in Gurgaon and make a list of packers and movers. After this list is made you can call them and get quotations
  4. However we can make your work further easy at Just go to the Type in your location ie Gurgaon, Search Packers Movers and boom you will get the list of packers and movers in Gurgaon.
  5. You can call them individually to get charges, fees


written by Anukriti Singh

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