Packing Service

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Packing Service

What is packing service ?

Packers and movers also known as moving companies will help you to pack your stuff before shifting. This service is called packing service. Moving companies also provide packing services to companies for their products. So if you are a company and looking to outsource packing of your product, then you might wanna consider these moving companies.

What is professional packing service?

Professional packing service is provided by highly efficient and professional packers. They keep in mind all the packing standards and procedures while packing your stuff. It involves standardised measurements and padding sizes for each and every items. They keep in mind the fragility of every item and pack accordingly

What are different types of packing services ?

  1. Packing for shifting : Such packing service involves packing house items before shifting. It involves packing all your furnitures, electronic items like TV, Fridge, AC with proper safety and padding. Such packing is customised according to your needs. A personalised experience is created in such cases. For example if they need to pack 2 house items which are fragile, they will pack them separately in different boxes with sufficient padding and bubble wrap. Such service is needed by households planning to shift their house
  2. Packing products for companies : Such packing involves packing products for company. It includes a wide variety of possibilities. Product units are packed individually in small packaging. Some may involve simple plastic packing while other may require thermacoal padding. For example if you have a simple product like brush, then it could be packed in plastic packing whereas if you have big and fragile product like Computer, it will require cardboard packing with sufficient thermacoal padding with bubble wrap surrounding it. Such services are normally hired by companies for work in bulk. Hence packing companies provide these services for bulk orders only.

What all packing materials are used by packers movers ?

Packers and movers use wide variety of material. Given below is the list of materials moving companies use to pack their goods. From where can you buy packing material will be covered in another article.

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