House shifting service

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House shifting service in Gurgaon

What is house shifting service?

House shifting service is provided by moving companies and packers movers. They will help you to shift your house from one location to another. It involves packing your stuff in cardboard boxes with padding, loading it into vehicle, transporting it to destination, unloading it from vehicle and help you to unpack sometimes. You can hire moving companies online or offline.

What are different types of house shifting?

What is the process of house shifting ?

Process of house shifting involves following steps

  1. Making list of goods which needs to be shifted : Make list of all the goods which need to be shifted. Now you don't wanna over burden yourself with lot's of useless stuff you are never going to use. We suggest it is good time for getting rid of old stuff. You can sell these old stuffs on websites like Olx.
  2. Determine what you need to carry personally : This includes all the precious jewellery, precious stones, important papers like property papers, bonds, educational certificates, bank account passbooks, atm, chequebooks, etc. Also keep in mind to carry some medicines in case of emergancy
  3. Find packers movers and book them at least 1 week before : We rocommend you to book packers movers at least 5 to 7 days before moving date. You might get hassled and tensed as the date of shifting approaches. To find packers movers you can ask for references or even better search online. These days everything is available online. You can search "packers movers" on Google. Now after look for results not only on first page but also on second and third pages. you might get special offers and discounts from new companies. You can also search for packers movers on our website for getting reliable and trusted moving companies in Gurgaon . You must discuss some important points before finalising packers movers. We will discuss in another article
  4. On the moving date make a list with packers and movers and put a tick as everything is being loaded in the vehicle : This step is very very important. We can't emphasize enough. This will help you to save yourself from any conflict later with Packers Movers. You must tick each item as it is being loaded in vehicle and get it verified by man in charge from moving company.
  5. Take mobile number of man in charge and driver :  This will be very useful in case your goods don't reach destination on time. You can call and easily get updates. Also make sure you confirm the date of delivery twice and remind it again 1 day before. Sometimes moving companies forget and you might suffer. So be on safe side and remind them this again
  6. On recieving your goods cross check it with your list compiled earlier : You must check each and every item with your list. If anything is broken or damaged, you must report immediately. If something is missing, don't panic. Sometimes things get messed up in the godown of packers movers. However most of them are highly professional and will get your goods at once.
  7. Make final payment after complete satisfaction : Make final payment to moving company after recieving your goods and complete satisfaction. If you face any conflict, you can go to consumer court or to Police Station.

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