Warehousing Service

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What is warehousing service?

Moving companies around the world provides storage space for storing products of company. This service is called warehousing service where packers movers offers godown or other form of shelters to individuals and companies to store goods and products. Packers movers needs these storage spaces for storing the goods they are shifting. Hence they rent or own godowns and storage areas in different cities of the country. However these warehouses are not always occupied. Hence they offer it again to companies and individuals for rent or fee. Most of the packers movers in Gurgaon provide these services


How are these warehouse services charged ?

Warehousing services are charged on the basis of area. Most of the moving companies charge Rs16 per square ft per month for normal warehouses. However more advanced temperature controlled and air conditioned costs much higher and may vary from location to location and company to company.

Who needs warehousing service ?

Following needs warehousing service :

Companies needs warehouse to store their product for wholesale distribution : Many companies need to store their products for wholesale distribution. Hence they opt for warehousing service to store the product till it is distributed to wholesale sellers. They may need air conditioned or non air conditioned warehouse according to their need. Generally companies which need to store edible products opt for air conditioned warehouses.

Wholesale seller needs warehouse for storing the stock : Wholesale sellers after taking delivery from the company need to store the goods and products in warehouse till it is distributed among retailers. Wholeseller then takes some quantity at a time and distribute among the retailers.

E commerce Giants needs warehouses for stroing goods : E Commerce companies needs warehouses to store their orders before delivering them to end consumers.

What kind of warehouses are available in cities like Gurgaon in India ?

Simple warehouse with shed : This is covered warehouse. It is simply a storage space which has roof over its head and can protect goods from direct sun and rain. It is most used type. It is cheap compared to automatic and climate controlled warehouses. Most of them has tin sheds and concrete walls. Temperature may get very high during warm and sunny days and can affect goods which can't bear temperature more than 30 to 40 degree celsius.

Open warehouse without any shed : Such warehouses are open and have no sheds. They provide area for storing goods and products only with security. They are the cheapest one as they provide only plain land to keep goods there. The are mostly used by automobile industry to store their vehicles, construction industry to store their products like bricks, etc

Air conditioned warehouses : Air conditioned warehouses are used by FMCG (Fast moving consumer Goods) industry to store their edible products. These products can get damaged if the temperature fluctuate too much. They are more costly than simple warehouse as they are air tight and have air conditioners. Electricity bill is also high in such warehouses.

Automated Warehouses : These are the most expensive wareshouse amongst all. They are very expensive because of automated machineries installed in them. These warehouses are capable of automatic loading and unloading facilities. They are highly efficient and fast and can save lots of cost in long run. They will help you to save money expenditure on labours on loading and unloading of goods.


How to find warehousing service in cities like Gurgaon?

Finding warehouse service could be difficult. First you need to determine what kind of warehouse do you need. As mentioned earlier there are several types of warehouses. You need to analyse your needs and determine what kind of services do you need. After you have determined what kind of warehouse you need you can go through following steps to book warehousing services :

Warehousing charges and prices

Warehousing charges depends on the location and type of charges. We are giving an estimate of charges.

Warehouse Charge in Rs per square ft per month
Warehouse without shed Rs 10
Normal warehouse with shed Rs 16
Air Conditioned Warehouse Rs 30
Automated Warehouse Rs 60


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