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Sector 5 Gol Chakkar, Gurgaon

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Stardom Makeup Studio and Academy is run by makeup artist Bindu. She has experience of more than 6 years in the industry and is one of the finest artist. Stardom Makeup Studio is located in CMS Complex opposite to sector 5 Gol Chakkar, Ashok Vihar EXTN 2, Gurgaon. It is one of the most famous makeup studio in Gurgaon sector 5, Ashok Vihar Phase 2, Ashok Vihar Phase 3, Sheetala Colony and Gurgaon Sector 4.

Price of popular makeup services provided by Stardom Makeup Studio

Service Discount Price
Air Brush Bridal Makeup 25% Rs20000
Manual Makeup 25% Rs15000
Airbrush Silicon 25% Rs25000
Corrective Makeup 25% RS18000


Prices of popular hair dressing services by Stardom Makeup Studio in Gurgaon Sector 5 Gol chakkar


Service Discount Price
Hair smoothening and rebonding 30% Rs5000
Keratin Treatment 30% Rs5000
Global Color 30% Rs4000



Stardom Makeup Studio and Academy also provides Beauty parlour courses at a very affordable and cheap prices.


Here is the price of makeup courses offered by Stardom Makeup Studio in Gurgaon


Course Name Discount


Beauty Course 25%


Hair Courses 25%


Art of Makeup Courses 25%


Portfolio Makeup Courses 25%


Media Makeup Courses 25%


Air Brush + Corrective Makeup Courses



Skin Therapy




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