Bridal Makeup :

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Bridal Makeup

Alps Beauty Group is one of India’s leading beauty and wellness brand and is internationally recognized for celebrating the essence of classis, timeless & elegant beauty.

Founded in 1988, the Alps Beauty Group has created a distinct identity with its sheer passion and love for beauty. When Indian beauty industry was still in a nascent stage, Alps introduced the concept of ‘Beauty Clinics’ in the country. It was a revolutionary idea that completely transformed the face of Indian beauty industry. A perfect amalgamation of beauty, science & technology, beauty clinics brought safe, affordable & dermatologically advanced beauty treatments within the reach of India women.

Alps has always remained much ahead of its time. Thanks to the vision and guidance of its Founder & Chairman Ms Bharti Taneja, the group works with an aim of bringing the best in beauty to its clients. The eclectic and premium range of services in – Skin, Hair, Nails & Makeup – makes Alps the ‘quintessential beauty destination’ of Indian women. And the brand truly holds the love of its valued patrons close to its heart.


Permanent  Makeup Charge

1700+250 saree draping

Bridel Makeup by Senior Artist 


Bridel Makeup by Personal Artist


Bridel Makeup by Gonjan/Ishiika


Sagan Makeup

Leukoderma Patch Colouring 1 Inch Square



Reception Makeup by Senior Artist 


Reception Makeup by Personal Artist


Reception Makeup by Gunjan/Ishika


Party Makeup by Senior Artist 


Party Makeup by Personal Artist 


Party Makeup by Gunjan/Ishika






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